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Adrian Johnson

Adrian Johnson

Managing Director

Adrian Johnson is the eponymous MD and, as soon as he was able, was getting his hands really dirty on old Aston Martins in his Dad's workshop. In a twist of fate, this probably explains why the current facility more resembles a modern clinical laboratory than an old workshop from the past!

Although Adrian now steers the commercial side of the business and sits at a desk, he grabs every opportunity to get down to the workshop and put his overalls on and road test cars personally, before customer handover on the beautiful local traffic free roads. Adrian has developed the business a long way from it's more modest roots and has done so organically, which is a source of satisfaction. He's owned, worked on and raced some of the most significant Aston road and race cars made - but still rues the day he got rid of a DB4 GT because the fuel tank in the boot meant it was hopeless for undertaking the weekly shopping trip....

Other than the classic Astons you specialise in, what would be your dream car?

AC Cobra with Quad Weber IDA's - my own in fact!

What do you like about working at Adrian Johnsons?

Working with a great team who are as fanatical about the cars as I am. Also getting to meet some of our customers, who are great characters from all walks of life, with a shared passion for Classic Aston Martin.

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