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"Any restoration
is a journey for both
the owner and the car"
Classic Aston Martin Restoration

Adrian Johnson are proud to be able to offer a wide range of restoration services. Whether it is a full ground up restoration, an engine overhaul or just modifications and incorporation of modern refinements for your cherished Aston Martin, Adrian Johnson offer a range of services to suit.

Restoring a classic Aston Martin should be a rewarding collaborative process for both the owner and ourselves, where clear communication and a close relationship is vital to achieve a client's objectives.

To this end, before we start any restoration project, we sit down with the owner and mutually identify what the desired end result is.

Are we looking at a preservation or a full restoration process to "as new" condition as the car left the factory?

The reality is that with the values of the cars today, a full restoration working to current standards results in a car that is finished to a level which is far superior to the state in which it left the factory 50 + years ago. Preservation exercises present interesting challenges on judgement and can result in the most valuable and sought after cars in the market - but you need to start off with a base car which is largely original and in good condition - which obviously is an increasingly scarce commodity these days.

What do you want to do with the car once we have finished?

Customers and their requirements vary enormously. Some want a reference example to store in their collections, some want a car to event and show and some want a car that they can use on a regular basis to cope with modern driving conditions. We have built many cars to concours standards which have gone on to win major awards and we have also built many cars which are immediately put to work and introduced into the cut and thrust of modern traffic conditions. For cars that are to be used frequently we can undertake a number of modernisation modifications. Whether you require a conversion to left or right hand drive, power steering, satellite navigation, a music system or Bluetooth hands free kit, here at Adrian Johnson we are able to provide you with a classic car with improved usability and functionality on today’s busy roads.

How do you track the restoration progress on your Aston Martin?

The best and often most enjoyable way to see how we bring your car back to life is to come to our workshops on a regular basis, but for many of our overseas customers this might not be practical and therefore we can provide a secure client area on our website for you to monitor the progress on your job. From the very first bolt to be removed, through to rebuilding, repainting and final road testing, Adrian Johnson is here to provide assistance and guidance in decision making, provide updates of progress and, finally, support and service facilities once the project is complete.

View the quality of our Aston Martin restoration work

If you need any reassurance as to the quality of the restorations undertaken by our craftsmen, please review the current and past projects links which hopefully will provide you with an insight as to the work involved in these projects. Initial consultancy on your potential requirements is offered free of charge, so feel free to call us to discover the options open to you. If you visit our workshops, you can see for yourself a number of cars we are working on and also inspect the quality and condition of our workshops - which will provide you with an accurate indication as to the high standards we work to as a team!

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