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Paint Shop

The Paint Shop at Adrian Johnson

Even the most unassuming will criticise less than perfect paintwork on a car, yet it is the part of every restoration that requires the utmost attention to detail. Here at Adrian Johnson we understand that it is crucial to start at the beginning, at bare metal, as preparation is the key to success. Paint will simply not cover up any imperfections on bare metal but will emphasise them.

With our wealth of knowledge at Adrian Johnson, we know just how important these facts are. This is why all body shells undergo absolute scrutiny for potential trouble areas, such as corrosion and panel gap, along with “line through” and correct panel shapes.

Each body shell is then painted by just one person from start to finish, ensuring total quality. The whole process usually takes around 400 man hours.

Contact Adrian Johnson to discuss your specific needs and we will endeavour to meet them.

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