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Post Vintage

Post Vintage is the original name of the business that today is named Adrian Johnson

The business name Post Vintage came into being in 1979 as Chris Johnson, the company founder, started to become inundated with work from friends and others who heard of his skills through maintaining his personal Aston Martin DB2/4. The classic car movement was less specialised in those days and although Post Vintage through word of mouth quickly forged a reputation as a leading Aston Martin Specialist, as the name might suggest, Post Vintage would work on any car from the vintage era onwards.

Back in the late 1970s, interest in classic cars was beginning to build, but was nothing like the scale of the global collector car movement today. In fact when Chris started - more often than not - a client would come into the workshop with something like an old DB4 for some basic repair work and ask for help to keep corrosion at bay to get an MOT! Classic Astons have always been highly desirable, but at the time they were not worth the sums they are today and therefore repair and maintenance work was often simply undertaken to keep a car on the road in running order - not necessarily to win concours awards!

Gradually as the company's reputation grew for first class work on classic Aston Martin models and Chris' son Adrian actively competed in AMOC events, in turn boosting the company's profile in front of Aston Martin owners, Post Vintage focused more or less purely as an Aston Martin specialist. Occasionally today you will see a non-Aston in the workshop, but generally it's all about Classic Aston Martin these days.

Aston Martin DB5

The name of the business changes from Post Vintage to Adrian Johnson

Adrian Johnson has been running the business for many years now and has been responsible for the commercial development of the business from the original small garage premises, to the 18,000 square foot purpose built facility of today.

The business very rarely does any work on anything other than classic Aston Martins nowadays and it was felt that it was a good time to re-brand and identify the business with the principal with the most recognition relating to our customers of today.

Chris still works in the engine department - but has a less arduous work schedule now in deference to the decades of hard work he has put in!

Whilst the business name has changed from Post Vintage Engineers to Adrian Johnson, our quality of workmanship, focus on customer service and provision of advice from our decades of experience on all matters Classic Aston Martin - has not!

Aston Martin DB5
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