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Aston Martin DB4GT Restoration

Aug 23 2018

Thoroughbred restored to perfection to be shown at Hampton Court Palace
When the latest owner of this illustrious motor car approached us 3 years ago with the brief to restore this car back to its original road car configuration as it left the factory, we knew we had a great opportunity to work on a really significant Aston Martin. This DB4GT has more or less been raced throughout its life and arguably has the most comprehensive and successful competition history of any DB4GT produced. During Geoff Harris' tenure this car held virtually every British DB4GT lap and hill climb record. Adrian knew the car well from its racing days and had seen first-hand how competitive the car was on track.
It was therefore not without a degree of respect for this car's history that we commenced a painstaking rebuild to return this very well-known car back to its original road car specification. Despite its competition history, the car had been fortunate in not being  involved in any major accidents, which would have impacted on the integrity of the car, and was therefore a good basis to start with.
Using our extensive knowledge and experience with the DB4GT model - we have restored or rebuilt 5 out of the 75 made - we sensitively restored the car back to the condition as it would have left the factory. I think we are all aware that's not strictly true(!), as cars of this significance and value today are restored to a condition that far exceeds that of when a new car left the factory nearly 60 years ago. However, we worked hard to ensure that all finishes were authentic to those in period and the quality of work should enable this fabulous example to provide at least another 60 years of thrills synonymous with the DB4GT driving experience.
We are proud of the quality of the work we have done and can confirm that even back in her road car guise, this DB4GT still performs very strongly indeed!
The DB4GT will be exhibited at this year’s 2018 Hampton Court Palace Concours of Elegance held from the 31st August to the 2nd September which, in a fortuitous twist of fate, is exactly the type of activity the car excelled at in the early years of its life before its competition career dominated. We would also like to take this opportunity to thank the owner of the car for entrusting us with this project and having the commitment and vision to restore the car back to this condition.
Adrian will be at the event and welcomes an opportunity to catch up with friends old and new and show you up close the quality of the work we routinely undertake on all classic Aston Martin models.

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