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Aston Martin DB2 for sale - project car - Mille Miglia eligible

Jul 19 2022

After a lot of deliberation - we have decided to actually seriously sell our 1952 Aston Martin DB2 MM eligible project car. We imported it in 2009 as a more or less complete car from the US - stripped it, did chassis, put cage in, started aluminium bodywork repairs and then customer work got in the way!

Half-heartedly we advertised it for a month in February 2019 - but we weren't really motivated to sell - but now we accept our lack of progress - customer work comes first!

Full details on the car on our car sales page on the web site, it is more or less complete - period comp history - delivered new in "Crushed Strawberry"(!).

You can either:

a) buy as is and do it yourself

b) get us to restore it as an MM eligible racecar

c) get us to restore as it left the factory

d) or the left field option - get us to build a monster "retromod" with an all-steel full race motor to rev to 9k+ and create a rather unassuming Q car...

Either way, pix show progress today - we have all the other parts to ccomplete

Click here for full details and pictures on this Aston Martin DB2 project car

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