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Aston Martin DB4

Restored Aston Martin DB4

"I just wanted to say the biggest thank you for your wonderful restoration work on my car. As you well know, it only took me 30 years of ownership to decide on a respray and that was entirely due to the time warp originality of the car which I have valued so highly. I hoped the restored car would remain one of the most original DB4’s around but with perfect paintwork instead of the faded and ‘through to the primer ‘ finish it had reached before you started. You have achieved absolutely that and more. The detailing and the blending of old and new parts is perfection and I really could not fault anything. All the small seen and unseen details are what annoy you forever if they are wrong, or make you smile if they are perfect. I am grinning all over my face! Thank you so much also for all your personal input on the work – I really appreciate it, and your long experience is what has added to the perfect car (in my opinion) that you have created".


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