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Chris Johnson

Chris Johnson

Engine Technician

Effectively the founder of the business when it was called Post Vintage Engineers - Chris has approximately 50 years' experience in the motor trade. Chris started to specialise in Aston Martin work back in the 1970s and established Post Vintage Engineers in 1979 - the business which today is known as Adrian Johnson.

Happiest at his bench working on a engine build - we reckon he's built well over 400 Aston Martin engines and he takes much pleasure from seeing how Post Vintage has evolved into the business of Adrian Johnson, since it was taken over by his son Adrian.

Chris is well past retirement age, so we make allowances and let him have Thursdays off these days!

Other than the classic Astons you specialise in, what would be your dream car?

"1933 Riley Kestrel." (It also happens to be a car he owns.)

What do you like about working at Adrian Johnsons?

Seeing the same cars I worked on decades ago turn up back again to the workshops - often in much better condition than they were when they were in daily use and then just old interesting cars that were not particularly valuable!

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